Best Screwdriver Set In India 2023

Best Screwdriver Set In India 2023

Are you looking for the Best Screwdriver Set In India 2023? Then you are at the right place for it.

Every household needs a Screwdriver at their house as there is always a need for a screwdriver in a day to day purposes, be it using a screwdriver for tightening screw of electronic appliances like fridge, TV, Laptop and many more.

A screwdriver is a tool, usually hand-operated, for turning screws with slotted heads. For screws with one straight diametral slot cut across the head, standard screwdrivers with flat blade tips and in a variety of sizes are used.

The best screwdriver is the basic requirement to complete your work be done with ease. However, before you buy a screwdriver, you must go through the buying guide that we have prepared:

1. Bosch Screwdriver Set

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This 46 piece screwdriver bit set from the house of Bosch offers an accessory range that helps you function effectively around your fixing and repairing tasks.

Take this neat kit home and enjoy an experience of a lifetime while working on your projects.

Key Features

  • Accompanies 46 screwdriver bits of standard screw types and sizes for day to day activities related to screwdriver.
  • Free plastic storage box for better management of items.
  • Consists of 1 magnetic universal holder for a fast bit.
  • It comes with 12 nut setters with hexagon-head screws.
  • Accompanies 1 manual screwdriver with ratchet function.
  • It is perfect for both screw-driving and mounting jobs, both in your home and office.

2. HUSB Screwdriver Tool Set Kit

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HUSB Screwdriver is a set of 31 in 1 screwdriver bits set specially designed for quick loosening, tightening of screws, be it a mobile phone, laptop, computer, AC, TV, Fridge, and many more appliances for home or office, etc.

This screwdriver has many different sizes and styles of bits that you can easily apply over the head of this screwdriver and use as per your convenience.

Key Features

  • It comes with a compact case that stores all parts.
  • Accompanies a plastic holder to carry screwdriver bits.
  • Magnetic bits are easy and tight to adsorb into the handle.
  • Rubber handle in screwdriver for comfortable gripping.
  • Sturdy design, easy to store and carry.
  • Easy to use for Mobile phones, Computers, other house appliances.

3. Taparia Screw Driver Set (Neon Bulb)

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Taparia screwdriver set is the ideal tool kit for you if you want to repair various household objects.

This screwdriver set has six different blades which can be used in various different ways. The driver handle also includes a neon bulb that lights up when the tester tip is inserted into a live socket.

Key Features

  • Includes Multiple Blades with Different Nozzles and Heads.
  • The blade is made from high-grade Silicon Manganese steel.
  • Its handle can stand for any rough use, even hammering. 
  • This screwdriver set includes both flatheads and square pokers among others.
  • You can also use the driver to test the live pin of a socket.
  • The neon bulb glows when the tip of the tester comes in contact with electricity.
  • Made from high-grade CA plastic, the handle of the driver is non-flammable and is completely safe.

4. Spartan Screwdriver Kit with 8 Blades

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This screwdriver is best for Loosening and tightening small screws of spectacles, cameras, Watches, Mobile phones, Computers, and other electronic appliances.

The screwdriver kit comes with 8 standard blades along with an extension rod which is easy to fit in the handle according to usage. Moreover, the handle comes with a tester to know the flow of electricity.

Key Features

  • These screwdrivers comes in a handy plastic box.
  • Made of smooth Nickel Chrome plating finish the blades are of non-corrosive material.
  • The blade tip is magnetized to lift a small screw or to hold the screw with no lost motion.
  • You can use this screwdriver’s backside for rough use also including hammering.
  • Tip type is of both slot and Philips. Magnetic Shaft Included.
  • Its blade is made from high-grade silicon – manganese steel.

5. MINISO Screwdriver Set


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This screwdriver is one of the bestselling screwdrivers sets in India. Offered by MINISO brand, a set of 5 screwdrivers consisting of different beautiful colors that helps in day to day repairing your household appliances.

Commonly helpful for multi-purpose use such as designing any domestic appliances, furniture, automotive, factory, meeting your various needs.

Key Features

  • Accompanies a large contact surface of blades inside screw head for simple usage.
  • High-Grade Material: PP + Carbon Steel for better durability and strength of screwdriver.
  • It consists of a strong magnetic screwdriver handle.
  • Compact storage design, easy to place and carry.
  • Handle and bits fitted into an aesthetically designed PP plastic case.

Buying Guide for best Screwdriver Selection

Handle Gripping

A rubber grip handle or plastic grip handle is better than a metal grip handle because a rubber grip or a plastic grip handle has low chances of getting slipped from the oily hand.

Moreover, a metal grip usually becomes painful at times for long hours of usage. However, rubber or plastic grip screwdrivers gives relief to your hand and ultimately, it easily enables you for longer usage.

Set Size

The Size of the set would be a checkpoint before you buy a screwdriver set. So, always check the number of screwdrivers and other materials offered by a particular brand.

Shank Quality

Stainless steel shanks are more durable. Basically, the shaft in between the handle of the screwdriver and the tip of the blade is known as the shank of a screwdriver. 

Blade and Tips Quality

Screwdrivers with poor blades and tips quality get rust easily after some time. Hence, the screwdrivers with excellent blades and tips quality should be highly preferred. 

Famous Brand

The brand name is the key factor that could be considered before buying a screwdriver and hence, some of the famous brands are Bosch, Taparia, Spartan, Stanley, etc. that can be considered for buying.


We conclude this article and hope that our article helps you in making a better decision to buy the best screwdriver set for your home.

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