Are you looking to buy the best Vegetable Chopper in India? Yes, you are in the right place for it!

We have done high research and based on our research, we brought a list of best vegetable chopper in India.

A Vegetable Chopper is typically a self-contained unit to hold food while a spring-loaded mechanism with blades that easily chops the food items including salads, veggies, fruits, spices, and many other food items used in our day to day life.

Most often, a vegetable chopper is round in shape, that works as a plunger connected to a set of evenly spaced metal chopping blades within itself.

The food is placed into a holding area under the blade and as the handle is plunged up and down, the blades chop and mince the food into small bits quickly and easily.

A Vegetable Chopper knew as food chopper chops foods such as nuts, fruit slices, vegetable slices, herbs, and other softer types of foods that can be easily chopped are quickly cut into small pieces with this kitchen tool.

Best Vegetable Chopper in India

Now let’s begin with the list of bestselling and highly recommended vegetable chopper in India. 

Pigeon Handy Mini – Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • Sturdy 3-blade and Eco-Friendly design
  • Easy to open and detach
  • Made from Polypropylene (PP) for long-lasting usage
  • Amazing string function to chop vegetables and fruits with ease
  • No electricity required
  • Easy Handling and Convenient


  • Brand – Pigeon
  • Material – Polypropylene 
  • Blades – Stainless Steel
  • Accessories Included – Bowl, Lid, Blade Holder & PP Cover.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to chop up your vegetables and fruits, then undoubtedly, go for Pigeon vegetable chopper as this is one of the best-selling vegetable chopper in India. 

This chopper comes at a very low price range and gives you plenty of benefits that make it worth buying.

You can easily chop fruits, and veggies and prepare salads in just a couple of seconds as this vegetable chopper comes with a robust stainless steel blade that chops even the harder food items as well.

Why you should buy?

  • This vegetable chopper is from the trusted brand “Pigeon” which is famous for its great kitchen products including Pressure Cooker, Gas stove, Tawa, and many more.
  • Made with High-quality material and durable stainless steel blades for long-lasting usage.
  • Easy to clean and operate this vegetable chopper beside it is too much handy. You can use it daily for chopping tomatoes, cucumber, seeds, spices, and many other food items.
  • Highly budget-friendly vegetable chopper that is durable and worth buying.

Borosil Chef Delite – Electric Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • It is made up of high quality 100% food-grade plastic that is BPA free
  • Includes an Anti-skid rubber base that makes the lid more thick and strong
  • No Motor noise for easy and silent operating
  • Consists of an in-built auto cut-off feature for motor safety
  • Accompanies a motor switch for extra safety
  • Perfect for cutting onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, boneless meat, nuts, and more in second

  • Brand – Borosil
  • Bowl Capacity – 600 ML
  • Blades – Stainless Steel 
  • Accessories Included – Chopper, Chopping Container, Blade set, and Rubber Lid

This is another best vegetable chopper in India that is mostly preferred by many households, as this is an electrically driven vegetable chopper

Hence, it gives great results in terms of chopping & slicing your day-to-day foodstuffs including fruits, vegetables, tomatoes, onions, etc., and many others.

You no need to have tears that usually come while cutting onions manually, this vegetable chopper even helps you to prevent your hands from getting smelly while chopping garlic. 

This vegetable chopper has 600 Ml of capacity, moreover, it only consumes a very less amount of electricity and prevents the pain of cutting, chopping manually, and chopping veggies, and fruits in just a few seconds. 

Why you should buy?

  • Trusted brand “Borosil” is known for unbreakable glass and eco-friendly for preparing food items.
  • It is built with High-quality material that is BPA Free and also includes Auto-cutoff motor safety features.
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty! that is a very impressive aspect before considering buying.   
  • Serves all chopping and slicing tasks and includes high-quality rubber lids to prevent leakage.

Inalsa Bullet – Vegetable Chopper

Inalsa Bullet - Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • ABS Plastic and stylish design
  • Accompanies High-Quality Stainless Steel Double Layer Blade – Twin Blade Technology
  • Variable speed facility – Low/Mid/High for effective dicing & chopping
  • Comes with 2 years of Warranty
  • Highly Recommended

  • Brand – Inalsa
  • Bowl Capacity – 500 ML
  • Blades – Stainless Steel (Twin Blades Technology)
  • Accessories Included – Main Unit, Processing Bowl, Bowl Plate Cover, Double Layer Blade.

Next is also the best-selling vegetable chopper. This vegetable chopper is one of the high-quality products by Inalsa that consists of twin blades technology that is not in other vegetable choppers and is the best technology that chops, slices fruits, and vegetables in seconds. 

Moreover, this chopper is designed with excellent features involving a variable speed option that helps you to use it as per the need and requirement of the food item you may be chopping.

Built with Stylish looks and Capacity is 500 Ml that is considered to be good for chopping tomatoes, onions, garlic, veggies, etc.

Why you should buy it?

  • The most Renowned brand “Inalsa“, better considered for kitchen utilities involving Mixer grinder, Electric kettle, Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper, and others
  • Speed changing feature from Low/Mid/High that other choppers may not offer.
  • Grinds onions, celery, mushroom, cucumber, nuts, pepper, and many other food items even hard food items on high speed as well.
  • Again this vegetable chopper comes with 2 years of warranty! 

Artikel – Vegetable Chopper

Artikel - Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • Made-up of high grade BPA free material
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • It comes with swift blending blades that help in blending flour
  • It can also be used as a storage container as it comes with an extra food lid 
  • 900 Ml capacity for better storing and chopping more food at one time.

  • Brand – Artikel
  • Bowl Capacity – 900 ML
  • Blades – Stainless Steel (Swift Blending Blades)
  • Accessories Included – Multi-Functional Bowl, Chopping & Storage Lid,  Chopping & Blending Blades.

Now comes the vegetable chopper by the Artikel brand. This chopper does not require electricity and has a good capacity to store food items like fruits, vegetables, flour, etc. 

You can also use this chopper as a food storage container for the fridge and kitchen as it also includes an extra lid. 

This vegetable chopper can also be used to chop dry fruits and seeds etc.

Why you should buy it?

  • Artikel” is a new brand offering kitchen products and made a good brand value to its customers.
  • No electricity is required to operate this vegetable chopper, hence, it is eco-friendly 
  • This is a Budget-Friendly vegetable chopper that comes at a low price range and serves the purpose of chopping and can also be used for storing fruits, veggies, and chutney made from various food ingredients.
  • Top-Rated and most customers liked this vegetable chopper.

Glen Electric Vegetable Chopper with extra bowl

Glen Electric Vegetable Chopper with extra bowl

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Key Highlights

  • It Comes with unbreakable transparent bowl
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel blades for effective chopping
  • The base accompanies anti-skid rubber for maximum stability
  • Accompanies an extra bowl for flavor mixing
  • 2 Years Warranty on motor

  • Brand – Glen
  • Bowl Capacity – 400 ML
  • Blades – Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Blades
  • Accessories Included – Chopper and an extra transparent bowl.

Glen Vegetable chopper is one of the best vegetable chopper in India.

It solves the headache of manual chopping and slicing of food items involving garlic, onions, and manual cutting slices of vegetables.

This utility is specially designed to provide a quick chopping experience and get rid of applying manual efforts. You just need to put inside the onion, tomato, fruits, cereals, and other ingredients also to make the batter, paste, and various kinds of chutney!

This is a highly recommended vegetable chopper as per the customer reviews that we have researched.

Additionally, it comes with an extra bowl to prevent mixing flavors and also can be directly used as a storage container for the fridge with a lid. 

Why you should buy it?

  • Firstly, “Glen” is as old as from past two decades it has been offering the best innovative kitchen products that tend to be highly useful. 
  • Secondly, it comes with an extra bowl, Lid, and includes one whisker disk to prepare batters, creams & moose as well that may not be offered by other brands. 
  • Thirdly, this vegetable chopper has electrically driven that minces, grinds & chops in a few seconds with a powerful motor. Hence, it helps reduce your manual efforts.
  • Lastly, there is a 2 year of warranty for motor offered by this brand

Ganesh – Vegetable Chopper

Ganesh - Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • Elegant & Stylish looks
  • High quality stainless steel blades
  • Strong gripping base and includes a big handle for pulling easily
  • Gives 380 knife cuts in less than 20 secs
  • No electricity required
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

  • Brand – Ganesh
  • Bowl Capacity – 725 ML
  • Blades – Stainless Steel
  • Accessories Included – Chopping Unit that includes a Lid, Container, and Blade.

This Vegetable chopper is one of the largest selling vegetable choppers in India. Ganesh vegetable chopper is considered the best vegetable chopper in India

It consists of three stainless steel blades that give an incredible shopping experience and fine slices of your daily fruits and veggies. Just pull the string once or twice, you see the magic and the best part is the structure and capacity if this chopper is highly impressive.

A highly recommendable product that each household should have in their kitchen. 

Why you should buy it?

  • Ganesh” is an Indian leading brand for kitchenware and home appliances. This brand offers products that are technology-driven and highly innovative to meet the needs of customers.
  • High-class performance without any source of electricity. It only requires a lighter pull of a string and gives wonderful results.
  • Great capacity as much as 725 Ml at such a lower price is unbelievable and appreciable as well.   
  • Value for money and is one of the top-selling vegetable chopper in India 

Ganesh Multipurpose Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

Ganesh Multipurpose Fruit and Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • Rectangular shaped innovative looks 
  • High-quality stainless steel blades for smooth & easy chopping
  • Includes masher, slicers, graters & peeler etc
  • Unbreakable ABS Plastic Body
  • No electricity required

  • Brand – Ganesh
  • Item Weight – 920 grams
  • Blades – Sharp Stainless Steel
  • Accessories Included – 1 dual, 2 slicers, 2 graters, 1 Juliane, blade die attachment

Now comes the vegetable chopper along with slicers, and grater which is a multipurpose vegetable chopper including extra items for mincing, grinding, and chopping tasks.

This chopper has a transparent rectangular container that is made with high-class unbreakable food-safe material that easily and quickly chops fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, its base is of strong grip to enable the chopper steady in one place while chopping and grinding.

Why you should buy?

  • Again this vegetable chopper is offered by the brand “Ganesh” which is an Indian leading brand for kitchenware and home appliances. 
  • It requires no electricity and is eco-friendly. 
  • In addition, this vegetable chopper includes slicers, and peelers of different shapes and kinds that can be used to chop and mince different types of fruits and vegetables. This feature is not offered in another vegetable chopper
  • The best feature is it is dishwasher safe and can be used as a food storage utensil in the fridge.

Solimo 500 ml Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • Handy vegetable and fruit chopper
  • Unbreakable Food Grade Materials used
  • Easy pull string for easy chopping
  • 4 locks are provided on the lid to ensure safety while in use
  • Best Selling & Value for money

  • Brand – Solimo
  • Capacity – 500 ML
  • Blades – Sharp Stainless Steel
  • Accessories Included – Handy Chopper

This vegetable chopper by Solimo is one of the top-selling best vegetable chopper in India

It is low priced chopper offered by this brand with great chopping blades and a transparent unbreakable bowl along with locking lids to prevent any leakage at the time it is in use.

This Vegetable chopper is a very impressive product that should be bought without any thinking as it is liked by many customers in India. 

Why you should buy it?

  • This vegetable chopper is offered by the brand “Solimo” which is by Amazon brand for kitchenware utilities. 
  • It requires no electricity and has an easy pulley mechanism for simple and better chopping of fruits and vegetables.
  • In addition, it has a good capacity of 500 Ml which helps in chopping a great amount in a single go.
  • Much least pricing with the useful items is always worth buying and this vegetable chopper comes on the low-priced best products list.

Wonderchef – Vegetable Chopper

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Key Highlights

  • Ergonomic design for a firm anti-slip grip
  • 5 super sharp stainless steel blades for perfect dicing and chopping
  • Whips eggs, yogurt, and cream with ease
  • Anti-skid silicone support in the base
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Highly Recommended

  • Brand – Wonderchef
  • Capacity – 1000 ML
  • Blades – Sharp Stainless Steel
  • Accessories Included – Chopper with 5 Blades, Whisk attachment

This chopper is a manual twist push vegetable chopper that is very simple and easy to use.

It gives tremendous results be it chopping fruits, veggies, etc., moreover, it also accompanies a whisk attachment that whips eggs, yogurt, and cream simply.

It includes five blades that are adjusted in different height levels to chop and grind each and every foodstuff even if you fully utilize its 1000 ML space.

This is a highly recommended chopper with good capacity and features at reasonable pricing. 

Why you should buy it?

  • This vegetable chopper is offered by the brand “Wonderchef” a trusted brand that offers great food processing and chopper to customers.
  • It only requires an easy push on its head for chopping known as the Twister Push chopper mechanism that none of the other choppers offer.
  • Additionally, the capacity is as plenty as 1000 Ml which is quite a bulk capacity as compared to other choppers. 
  • It Comes at an affordable budget with 1 year of warranty! Moreover, this is the only chopper with 5 stainless steel blades for a better chopping experience. 

Buying Guide To Consider Before Buying Best Vegetable Chopper In India

Well, if you are thinking to buy a vegetable chopper that is a best match for your needs and requirements.

We advise you to go through the below given buying guide checklist that would be helpful to make a better decision.

Blades Quality

All Vegetable chopper includes blades, but the quality should be checked. However, stainless steel blade choppers is highly recommended.

But before buying a chopper you should look for a chopper in which blades can be easily detached and have sharp edges for better chopping of fruits and vegetables.  

Bowl Capacity

Capacity is a key check if you decide to buy a vegetable chopper as it may be useful for you if the bowl has plenty of capacity depending upon your requirements. 

Safety Aspect

Before buying a vegetable chopper, we recommend that the vegetable chopper should be safe in terms of safety strong lids that help to prevent leakage and helps in proper chopping.


Many brands offer a warranty on the vegetable choppers and this should also be considered to be one of the checks before you opt for a vegetable chopper for you.


Certainly, vegetable choppers come in different price ranges but there is a price difference between manual and electric vegetable choppers.

You can opt for electric or manual choppers as per your choice and needs but always go for the one with all better features at reasonable pricing.


What are the main uses of Vegetable Chopper?

Well, the main purpose of a vegetable chopper is to chop and mince the food items including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to make chutney or pastes that can be further used in cooking.

The main use is that it helps in reducing manual efforts of cutting vegetables, and fruits and saves time as well.

Which is the best Vegetable Chopper: Electric or Manual?

It all depends upon your needs and usage. If you want to spend less and can work pulling string manually then go for the manual vegetable chopper.

On the other hand, if you want an effortless chopping experience then you should opt for the electric vegetable chopper.

What all food items can be used to chop in a Vegetable Chopper?

You can chop fruits, and vegetables including onion, tomato, garlic, potato, nuts, dry fruits, spices, seeds, flour dough, whipping yogurt, eggs to make a paste, creams, and chutney with vegetable choppers. 


In conclusion, we think that this article may be a source of help for you in order to make your decision better before buying the best vegetable chopper in India in 2022.

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